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Debut solo album out September 6th, 2019
Composed & Performed by Julian Loida

Producer: Maeve Gilchrist
Sound Design & Mixing Engineer: Charlie van Kirk
Recording Engineer & Videographer: Warren Amerman
Mastering Engineer: John Baker
Album Design: Mariel Vandersteel
Video Editor: Chris McDonald

Sponsored by Nine Athens Music

WALLFLOWER is an arrival.  After ten years of backing singers, rock bands, latin and jazz big-bands, orchestras, and New Music ensembles, WALLFLOWER is my percussion, performer, and composer debut of all original music for the vibraphone.  Though many drummers are type-casted as rambunctious animals, I approach percussion and music with intense sensitivity and subtlety.  With my hyper sensory awareness due to my synesthesia (the blending of the senses), I create and manipulate blankets of sound that surround the listener with both color and texture that excites the senses yet and calms the mind.

I entitled my album WALLFLOWER because I am one.  Though an awarded entrepreneur, I struggle with the need to be loud and boisterous, not just with my craft, but my personality, while inwardly I feel rather recluse and shy.  Music has been my haven since beginning as a lost teenager. Only after becoming obsessed with my grandfather’s record collection did I become enthralled simultaneously with the music of J.S. Bach and Philip Glass.  These musics gave me a soundscape and dreamspace to let my mind wander with no judgement. The colors, shapes, and forms swirled in my mind lighting up my closed eyes. Glenn Gould and Philip Glass shifted my trajectory from being a rock drummer to an esteemed classical percussionist.


Bach Live!

Conservatory trained percussionist and composer Julian Loida shares his best recordings of J.S. Bach’s music that he has recorded over the past decade.  Now beautifully mastered by John Baker, Julian Loida is releasing his select movements including: the E Major Partita; the entire G minor Sonata; the legendary Bach Chaconne arranged for the vibraphone; and a special arrangement utilizing Afro-Cuban percussion seamlessly interwoven with a batá bateria and conga drums.  When learning to play keyboard percussion in 2008, the first music he learned was the music of J.S. Bach for solo violin. Bach’s music quickly became an obsession.

Released by © 2018 Loida Studios
Mastering Engineer: John Baker
Artwork: Mariel Vandersteel
Recording & Mixing Engineers: Ian Miller tracks 1-3, Tim Perry track 4, Evan Chapman tracks 5-8.
Track 8 features Kristin Olson on itótele, Tommy Rorabeck on okónkolo, Andrew McAfee maraca, and Julian Loida on marimba, iyá, and conga drums.
All tracks recorded live & mastered between 2008 to 2018.



Exploring the juxtaposition of speechvisual media, and music, percussionist Julian Loida has created a repertoire of inventive and moving works. Through his dedications he explores the concept of "what jazz is", the history of art, the development of the Civil-Rights Movement, and the post-Holocaust era. Julian though only 24 has created a repertoire that ties generations and art-disciplines together all through one pastiche percussion concert.

Since developing this collage style of composition in his undergraduate studies at Indiana University, his works have been critically acclaimed by both percussionists, musicians, composers, and art historians alike.  From the principle percussionist of the New York Philharmonic to the artistic director of Alarm Will Sound to professors of Art History from Indiana University, Julian's visionary work continues to be supported and encouraged.  

Julian began playing his works for his degree recitals at Indiana University and upon moving to the East Coast have performed at venues such as The Lilypad, Gallery 263, The Record Company, New England Conservatory's Brown Hall, CityPOP Egleston, and The Chautauqua Music Festival.