Silver Lacquer - SINGLE

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Silver Lacquer - SINGLE


from Wallflower, track releases May 3, 2019 
Composed & Performed by Julian Loida 

Producer: Maeve Gilchrist 
Sound Design & Mixing Engineer: Charlie van Kirk 
Recording Engineer & Videographer: Warren Amerman 
Mastering Engineer: John Baker 
Album Design: Mariel Vandersteel 
Video Editor: Christopher Andrew McDonald 
Photographer: Louise Bichan 
Sponsored by NINE-ATHENS Music 
Recorded in October 2018 at Rotary Records in Springfield, MA 

Julian Loida: vibraphone 
Maeve Gilchrist: harp 
Charlie van Kirk: synthesizer

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Silver Lacquer has two stories. Originally, this piece was called Easter Trance because two years ago I woke up on Easter and felt the conflict of being raised to believe Jesus, a man in flesh, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven though scientifically that's pretty tough to believe...though part of me to this day is so moved and inspired by the Easter story. That conflict made me surrender that morning and these church bell tones on the lower end of the vibraphone came out as heard in the beginning and end of this track, G-B-A. 

The second story is for the middle that splattered notes across octaves like a waterfall of color. This section I channel my inner Jackson Pollock who I love very much. Like Pollock I throw my mallets across the instrument in full control and simultaneous chaos. 

Silver Lacquer is one of my favorite pieces to play, it's different every time and I'm still finding so many ideas inside of this colorful piece.