NEC students present ‘VERSES THROUGH VERSUS’, an off-campus, off-script show on Friday, March 11 (2016) that tests the boundaries of artistic genre, style and form. Hosted at The Record Co., each piece on the program will present at least two opposing elements--Renaissance lute is thrust together with minimalist vocal loops, John Cage’s music unfolds on canvas and two dueling deities from the Santeria religion meet on stage to find common ground

In fall of 2015, a core group of five NEC students came together to design a performance project that would reflect the vast musical and cultural diversity at the school. Although NEC attracts students from every continent and encourages young artists to explore their cultural roots, there are still enduring divisions that exist between genres, student communities and artistic disciplines. Verses through Versus creates a world in which these divisions do not exist, where music can truly bring people together and connect hundreds of years in the span of a few seconds.

Artistic Director: Julian Loida

Each poetic interlude will allude to the opposing elements, or the ‘versus’ in the upcoming piece, providing context and inspiration for audiences and performers alike.
— Julian Loida, Artistic Director


“Flying Bird”, “Danza Ritual”, and “Verano Porteno”
   DoJo, Jonas Kublickas and DoYeon Kim on guitar and gayageum

“Ogun” and “Yemaya” from the Oru Seco
    Bata Drumming Trio, Julian Loida, Luis Albertazzi, and Laura Crespo

“The Moon and the Sun”
    A Free-improvisation by Seyun Park on piano and Zach Mayer on baritone saxophone

“Dream” by John Cage
   Live Painting with Rebecca Ness and Julian Loida on vibraphone

“O laudetur temporis acti”
   Composed by Cortney Keywan featuring Jonas Kublickas on lute

“The Pin”
   Spoken-Word, Free-Improvisation by Charmaine Lee, Evan Carley, and Abraham Mennen

Sequence II: "Pulses" and "Endlessly"
   Live Piano Looping by Alfonso Peduto

"MLK Day. Ferguson Strong."
   Multimedia-Snare drum solo by Julian Loida

“The Opposition Improv Collective”
   'Verses through Versus' group improvisation lead by Zach Mayer


MC and Spoken-Word Artist:  Evan Hall


Poster artwork by Rebecca Ness

Poster artwork by Rebecca Ness