Listening to music for me is a full body experience.  When I hear great music many images come into my mind, I'm often moved to dance, and even sometimes lines of poetry run through my mind.  Music engages all of my senses from sight and touch to even taste at times.  This experience I have while listening to music is something I want to share with others.  

My first professional teacher who plays in a great orchestra stopped me one lesson and said, "Julian, you know why people pay thousands of dollars every year for season tickets to the symphony?  Because classical music is the most visual of all musics.  When you listen to us play, a whole visual world is opened up...that's why people come back concert after concert...for that stimulating visual experience."

I aim for this inter-disciplinary work to inspire and give us all multiple entry points to observe and absorb art whether it be dance, music, visual-art, and/or poetry.


Rebecca Ness and Julian Loida

Painter + Percussionist


Sam McReynolds and Julian Loida

Dancer + Percussionist

Sam's YouTube Channel


Alex Nazar and Julian Loida

Painter/Annimator + Percussionist


EJ Art Duo: Elena Johnson and Julian Loida

Painter + Percussionist


Chautauqua Inter-Arts Program (2015): "Red Meat"

James Palmer, Director

Taro Takizawa, Artist/Printer-maker

Elena Perroni, Singer/Actress

Melvin Jackson, French-Horn

Julian Loida, Percussion

This project "Red Meat" that is featured in the video below was awarded a second performance in McKnight Hall as a part of the Chautauqua Student Chamber Music Series after it's premiere.


How Precious the Moment.

Won 2nd place at Chautauqua's 2016 Student Choreography Competition.

Choreographer and Director: Anthony Schweighardt

Original poem "How Precious the Moment" written by Julian Loida

Spoken-Word: Julian Loida and Cara Hansvick

Dancers: Students of the 2016 Chautauqua Ballet School

Original Music: Julian Loida, Joe Bauer (bass), Lian Ojakangas (violin), Julie Takeda (violin)

By: Julian Loida

By: Julian Loida